What is the Best Table Saw for Cabinet Making?

Cabinet making is a skill that many people are in awe of, but don’t let that fool you into believing you can’t make a simple cabinet as well. The average woodworker has the capabilities to create simple cabinets to start and later on more complex ones.

If you have enough skills to build a box you can also build a cabinet. One of the key components to great cabinet making is to know what is the best cabinet making saw. Another component to consider is tools that measure accurately so that all corners are perfectly square.

Many cabinet makers keep a small engineer’s square on hand when working with wood. This small item makes it easy to check tools like the radial arm saw or compound miter saw for discrepancies. Many times after a few days use, these types of tools slip out of adjustment.

The most important component in any project is the saw blade. Even if you own the best table saw for cabinet making on the market it is only as good as the saw blade you are using with it! At the very least, when you purchase a table saw be sure and purchase an extra quality blade to have on hand as well.

What is the Best Portable Cabinet Table Saw?

First we are going to discuss portable cabinet saws and further down in this article we will go over the best cabinet table saws. Is one better than the other? The answer to that is yes and no.

Here are some reasons why a portable cabinet saw may work best for you:

• Can be transported to any location where you want to build.
• Usually cost less than large in-shop cabinet saws.
• Less storage room is needed.

The drawback to some portable cabinet saws is not all of them have as much power behind them, so cutting hard wood could be more challenging. However, many woodworkers feel the trade-off of being portable worth it.

Our pick for the best portable cabinet table saw is the Bosch 4100-09 10″ inch saw. It’s strong enough to do a good job, yet portable. The gravity stand is also a plus on this model. It’s new and innovative technology make set up and tear down a breeze.

Below are some details about the Bosch 4100-09:

• Weighs 124 pounds.
• Dimensions: 39.3 x 29.7 x 21.2 inches.
• Color: Blue
• Power source is corded electric.
• Gravity stand is included.
• Does not require any rechargeable batteries.
• One year manufacturer warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. You also have 30 days to return to should you purchase there.
• Table saw has 3,650rpm.
• Can handle stock up to 25 inches wide.

If you want to learn more details on the Bosch 4100-09 model, and see what other people are saying who have actually bought this saw, you need to check out the reviews on Amazon here.

What is the Best Cabinet Making Saw?

Now that we have shared our pick for a portable table saw it’s time to show you a larger version that is built to stay in place in your workshop or woodworking business location. Although many contractors and home owners use portable table saws a more substantial saw is best for people who work with wood on a regular basis.

The Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is one powerful machine around and you have plenty of room with its extension table. In fact, it’s a Cadillac of table saws in our opinion.

Below are some details about the saw you will find interesting:

• Dimensions are 70.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches.
• Is a 1.75 HP table saw with 36-inch professional T-glide fence system.
• Includes rails and extension table.
• SawStop patented safety system to help prevent serious injury.
• Shipping weight of 316 pounds.
• One year warranty.
• 10-inch diameter blade with 5/8 inch arbor.

The patented safety system is one of the selling features of the SawStop. It helps to prevent accidents that could injure or cause someone to lose a finger or hand. The size the table extends too is another great reason to purchase it. Although it weighs quite a lot, that is ideal for cutting wood. Less vibration means straighter cuts!

Check out reviews of the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 on Amazon here to see what other customers are saying.

Finding the best cabinet making saw for you will be a personal choice. It will depend on how you plan to use it and whether or not it needs to be portable. Whatever model of table saw you decide to purchase be sure and look for quality, a good name brand, and one that has a substantial warranty.

Making your own cabinets is a rewarding but challenging task. Are you up to it? With the right tools your cabinets will be the envy of everyone that knows sees them!