SawStop CNS Contractor Table Saw: Reviewing the CNS175-TGP36 1-3/4 HP Model

Today we are reviewing what we feel is the Cadillac of table saws. The SawStop CNS175-TGP36 is definitely a professional table saw meant for the tough and long work days of a busy contractor. At we are all about the best table saws, which is why we just had to talk about this particular model!

This table saw has so many bells and whistles it’s hard to know where to begin, so we will start with the basic specifications of the saw. Even those will get you excited!

Specifications and Benefits of the SawStop CNS175

• Dimensions are 70.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
• 1.75 HP saw with 36-inch professional T-glide fence system
• Includes rails and extension table
• SawStop patented safety system to help prevent serious injury
• Shipping weight of 316 pounds
• One year warranty
• 10-inch diameter blade with 5/8 inch arbor

The SawStop is perfect for any kind of maintenance shop or professional contractor. Professionals love that all standard 10-inch blades are compatible with the system as well as 8-inch dado sets. The blade is left-tilting which helps stop binding again the fence.

You Can’t Put a Price on Table Saw Safety!

The patented safety feature is one reason so many people are willing to pay the larger price for this table saw. So how does the safety system work? In a nutshell, it has an electronic detection system that can tell when a person comes in contact with the blade. The system is smart enough to distinguish a finger from a piece of wood, and that is amazing!

When the system detects any contact of a foreign item a brake stops the blade by pushing what is called a brake pawl into the teeth of the blade. This immediately stops the blade from spinning. A safety feature like this can save lots of workers compensation claims as well as injury. Safety rules should still always be followed and safety gear worn, however this extra bit of protection could help everyone keep all their fingers in tact!

Once the safety has shut the saw off it must be reset before using again. Resetting is easy. Simply replace the blade and brake cartridge and you are good to go. This process only takes about five minutes.

The SawStop is not a lightweight saw. In fact, the shipping weight of everything is over 300 pounds. This saw is actually one of the sturdiest saws on the market today. Other than the safety factor the second most popular benefit is the 36-inch T-glide fence system. The table top is cast iron, which accounts for some of the weight, and the saw also features a well shrouded blade. This helps to improve dust collection and stop some of the particulates before they become airborne.

Normally in any review this is the place where we go over the pros and cons of the item based on what actual customer have said. In the case of the SawStop we had a hard time finding anything negative; however there was just one minor comment. First let’s hear from customers who loved the SawStop.

What Users of the SawStop are Saying

• Well-built, safe and awesome performance.
• Found it to be superior as a working saw, and appreciate the additional safety of the stop mechanism.
• The fence glides nicely all the way across the table. The hooks on the left side of the saw are for storing the riving knife.
• Designed by someone who obviously knows wood working
• A welcome addition to any shop. Love the safety system.

• I feel the saw should have come with the dust collection panel. It is a $50 part

The SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Table Saw Review Summary

4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

In conclusion this was one of the easiest reviews to write because the machine is just so awesome! Everyone loves the SawStop and with all these benefits, and how well it’s made, who can blame them.

It isn’t very often you find an item that almost everyone agrees on. The price of the SawStop is steep but every single person that mentioned the price said it was well worth it. Not just for the safety factor but for how well it performs.

If you are a contractor or construction company, please take a better look at this wonderful piece of equipment. Your workers and clients will be thanking you for it. Remember that the best prices for tools like the SawStop are always on!