DeWalt 10-Inch DWE7480 Table Saw Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Today we are excited to review the DeWalt DWE 7480XA 10 inch compact job site table saw with guarding system. Even though this particular saw has the words job site in the name it is still a great table saw for home do-it-yourself workers as well. It’s safe and easy to use as well affordable to the home owner as well as contractor.
Before going further into the actual review let’s get the specifications out of the way. This way you know right up front if these specs meet your criteria for a good table saw.

Specifications/Benefits of the DeWalt DWE7480XA

• Weighs 56 pounds so can be transported from location to location easily.
• Dimensions are 26.5 x 25.8 x 17.5 inches.
• Comes with stand that folds flat for easy storage and portability.
• Has a 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty for risk free purchasing.
• Telescoping fence rails.
• 24″ rip capacity for larger pieces of wood.
• Site-Pro Modular Guarding System for easy adjustments.
• 15amp 4800rpm motor for all the power you need to get the job done.

Now that you see the specs let’s delve a little further into what they mean. Of course the weight is obviously portable since it weighs less than 60 pounds. The stand is a separate piece that you can use, or simply set the saw on any bench or table.

The rack and pinion telescoping fence rails help you to make smooth and accurate cuts and adjustments when working. The 24″ of rip capacity really helps you have more options when it comes to larger shelving and trim materials as well.

The Site-Pro Modular Guarding System is how you make adjustments of the guarding components, without any hand tools. Different applications may require different settings. You won’t have any trouble ripping through hardwoods with the 15amp motor either. The folding stand is optional but we suggest you get it as well because you may not always have a bench available to work on.

No batteries are required since this is an electric saw. The DeWalt DWE7480XA is the 3rd most popular saw in the table saw category on Amazon right now, so thousands of that wrong! It has also received 4.6 out of 5 stars in their reviews. For those of you who aren’t aware of the star rating, this is an extremely good rating!

So What Do Actual Customers Think About The DeWalt DWE7480XA?


• Right price, right size, right weight, right accessories.
• The fence measures accurately it is light and easy to move to and from the job site. It has all the power needed to rip whatever needed.
• I’m still very impressed and pleased with the performance of this saw!
• Its anti-kickback assembly works like a charm.
• Setup is simple, fast, and for the most part quite accurate right out of the box.
• The safety features are second to none on this saw.
• The fence stays right where you set it, which is a key factor when cutting long boards or sheets of plywood.

• The table is definitely not flat.

DeWalt DWE7480XA Table Saw Review Summary

4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

As you can see from the pros and cons there was very little negative remarks when it comes to this table saw. In fact, we only found one remark and it wasn’t that bad. The majority of customers are extremely happy with their purchase and we have come to the conclusion that should you purchase, you would be happy as well.

The folding table and the fact that this saw is lightweight enough to be portable is a great selling feature in our opinion. It’s easy to take from location to location without taking up a lot of room in a work truck or van.
All the great features along with the three year limited warranty make this purchase a no-brainer for most people.

One thing we haven’t touch on is price. Right now on you can purchase the saw with the stand for less than $400 which is a fantastic buy! Since we have no way of knowing how long this low price will be available, please check it out today. The DeWalt DWE7480XA table saw could be the right tool for your home or business, so don’t delay!